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Mark Liam Piggott

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#MilitantFactionsQuotes 77: We'd each necked a pill from Greentooth

Posted on December 4, 2021 at 4:00 AM

#MilitantFactionsQuotes 77:

We'd each necked a pill from Greentooth, just to make sure we weren't being robbed. Or rather, Kirk had: I kept mine under my tongue then spat it down the hole these dirty backward bastards use for a toilet. Could have been anything. Kirk's my big bald guinea pig. I watch him closely, or as closely as I dare without him noticing. He's muttering, laughing, crying: runs along the beach and in the sea, full-clothed. Emerging, soaked, he growls and tries to catch a wild dog. When I call him he turns, staring at a stranger, then disappears behind a wall to yelp at invisible moons.

I smile. In my bag I have almost five hundred little PB pills.

-From "Psycho Blitzkrieg", one of the stories in Mark Piggott's fiction/non-fiction collection "Militant Factions" available in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.


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